Closeboarding - Feather Edge Fencing Service

Closeboard-Feather Edge fencing Service

Closeboard fencing is built with essential components that contribute to its durability and classic appearance. Feather edge boards, specially designed with a thinner edge for overlapping, form the primary structure of the fence, providing both privacy and security. These boards are fixed to horizontal arris rails, which run between the fence posts, creating a sturdy framework. Additionally, counter rails and capping rails can be added for a decorative finish and to deflect rainwater. Cleats, attached to the base of the fence posts, allow for secure attachment of gravel boards, adding stability to the overall structure. Through the integration of these components, closeboard fencing offers a robust and visually appealing solution for property boundaries.

Closeboarding/Featheredge Fencing options:

Post Options:

  • Wooden Posts
  • Concrete Posts

Gravelboard Options:

  • 6-inch Wooden Gravelboards: Available for both wooden and concrete posts
  • 6-inch Concrete Gravelboards: Exclusive to concrete posts

Feather edge boards Board Sizes:

  • Ranging from 3ft to 8ft
  • Customizable to your specific height preference

Top Capping:

  • Optional addition for either wooden or concrete posts for enhanced protection and a smarter finish
With board sizes starting at 3ft and going up to 8ft, along with the flexibility to add gravelboards of your preferred size, you have the freedom to create a closeboarding fence that precisely fits your height requirements. At Sheridan Fencing, our customizable options ensure that your fencing solution is not only functional and durable but also tailored to your unique specifications.

Ideal for all Fencing boundaries

Closeboarding is a flexible fencing option, highly recommended for various applications. Whether for side fences, back fences, or even small front fences, closeboarding proves to be an ideal solution. Its robust construction, with overlapping vertical boards and optional gravel boards, ensures privacy, security, and protection against the elements. The flexibility in board sizes, ranging from 3ft to 8ft, allows customization of the height based on specific needs. Additionally, closeboarding seamlessly integrates with matching gates, providing a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look to your entire property. At Sheridan Fencing, we recommend closeboarding for its adaptability and durability, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of fencing needs in Medway, Gravesend, Sittingbourne, and Maidstone.