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At Sheridan Fencing, our commitment to delivering top-notch fencing solutions is rooted in Medway. We have proudly installed and repaired countless fences in Rochester, Gillingham, Chatham, Strood, and Rainham. Beyond our hometowns, our services extend far and wide, ensuring your fencing needs are met with expertise and dedication.

Our Service Area Includes:

  • Marden: Leaving our mark with quality fencing projects in Marden.
  • Maidstone and Larkfield: Venturing into Maidstone and Larkfield, we've left satisfied customers in our wake.
  • Coxhealth (South): Extending our expertise to the southern regions, including Coxhealth.
  • Faversham (East): Clients in Faversham have experienced the excellence of our fencing services.
  • Conyer and Sittingbourne: Heading east, we've enhanced properties in Conyer and Sittingbourne.
  • Dartford, Gravesend, Longfield (West): Stretching our reach to the western regions, covering Dartford, Gravesend, Longfield, and beyond.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our team, with years of experience, is well-versed in delivering high-quality fencing solutions.
  • Versatility: Regardless of the location, we bring our expertise to your doorstep, ensuring your fencing projects are completed to perfection.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our track record of satisfied customers speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

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