Frequently Asked Questions About Fence Installation

1. Do I need planning permission?

  • Planning permission is necessary in certain instances:
    • If the fence height exceeds 2 meters.
    • If it's over 1 meter high and adjacent to a road or footpath.
    • When planning conditions (such as 'article 4 direction' or specific conditions set by the council) apply.
    • If your property is listed or adjacent to a listed building.

2. Will I need to call a utility locator?

  • Typically, new fences replacing old ones don't pose issues with utilities. However, if the new fence isn't a replacement, the installer will check for utilities. If concerned, contact local utility companies and inform the installer. Sheridan Fencing isn't responsible for undisclosed utilities.

3. What if there is sloped land? Will the fence be stepped?

 Fencing on a slope is handled based on the gradient. Pre-formed fence panels may not be suitable on steeper slopes.   Recommendations, such as using Closeboard fence, will be provided to accommodate the land's contours.

4. Do you supply without fitting?

  • No, Sheridan Fencing will only supply materials for the installations contracted.

5. Do you fit without supplying materials?

Yes, that is a service Sheridan Fencing can offer.

6. What happens to the old fence? Do I need to hire a skip?

Sheridan Fencing offers old fencing removal and responsible disposal services. Environment agency waste carrier license

7. What is your timeline?

  • Sheridan Fencing aims at the latest to commence a contract within three to four weeks from the date received by us, according to the season. Some seasons are quieter than others so could be as little as a five-day waiting period.

8. Can you do the job outside typical business hours?

No. Sheridan Fencing domestic installation hours are Monday to Friday: 8 am-6 pm

10. Do I need to be at the property while the work is carried out? - No, providing our installers can get access to the site and can get power for tools if required.

11. Do I need to tell neighbors my fence is being replaced? - We do recommend talking to your neighbor prior to starting the work. This can prevent problems arising.

12. Can I choose the type of material for my fence? - Yes, Sheridan Fencing offers a variety of materials. Discuss your preferences with our team to find the best fit for your needs.

13. Do you provide custom fence designs or sizes? - Sheridan Fencing can accommodate custom designs and sizes based on your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your preferences and receive a tailored solution.

14. How do you handle unforeseen challenges during installation? - If unexpected issues arise during the installation, Sheridan Fencing installers will promptly inform you. Necessary adjustments to the design or location can be discussed, with any additional costs for materials clearly communicated.

15. Are there any maintenance tips for the fence after installation? - Sheridan Fencing can provide guidance on maintaining your fence to ensure its longevity. This may include recommendations for cleaning, painting, or sealing, depending on the material used.

16. Can you install fences in all weather conditions? - While installations are generally conducted in fair weather, Sheridan Fencing will assess weather conditions and reschedule if necessary. Extreme conditions may affect the quality of installation.

17. How do I obtain a quote for fence installation? - To receive a quote, contact Sheridan Fencing with details about your project. This may include the type of fence, dimensions, and any specific requirements you have.

18. What should I do if I have concerns or issues after the installation? - If you have any concerns or issues post-installation, contact Sheridan Fencing immediately. We are committed to addressing and resolving any issues to ensure your satisfaction.

19. What payment options do you accept? - Sheridan Fencing accepts payments through cash, cheques, and BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services). Choose the option that suits you best for a convenient transaction.