Storm damage provention for Fencing

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As storms loom on the horizon, the need for proactive defense measures becomes paramount. In this blog post, we tap into the extensive knowledge of a 40-year expert at Sheridan Fencing. This seasoned specialist provides strategic insights on fortifying your wooden posts and panels, introducing innovative approaches such as spurs, props, and emphasizing the use of extra battens to strengthen panels before the wind comes.

Understanding the Dynamics:

Our seasoned expert begins with a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of storms. Acknowledging the imminent threat, they stress the need to act ahead of time to mitigate potential damage to your fence.

Proactive Inspection Practices:

The expert's advice starts with proactive inspection practices. Regularly assessing the condition of your fence allows you to identify vulnerabilities in advance. Addressing issues early ensures a stronger defense when the storm arrives.

Strategic Reinforcement Techniques with Spurs:

Building on traditional reinforcement techniques, our expert introduces spurs as a game-changer. These additions, strategically placed at the base of posts, provide enhanced stability. The use of spurs acts as a preemptive measure, fortifying the fence against the impending storm.

Deploying Props for Immediate Defense:

A unique recommendation from our expert involves the proactive deployment of props before the wind comes. Temporary supports, strategically placed, act as immediate defenses, reducing the strain on posts and panels. This proactive approach minimizes potential damage and serves as a valuable supplement to long-term reinforcement measures.

Strengthening Panels with Extra Battens:

Our expert emphasizes the use of extra battens to strengthen wooden panels. Strategically placed additional horizontal supports provide increased rigidity, reinforcing the overall structure and minimizing the risk of panel damage during storms.

Maintenance Routines:

Our seasoned professional underscores the importance of tailored maintenance routines, incorporating the use of extra battens and other reinforcements as part of pre-storm preparations. This approach ensures that your fence is not only resilient but also adaptable to changing weather conditions.


Prepare your fence for the storm with insights from 40 years of expertise at Sheridan Fencing. From understanding storm dynamics to introducing spurs, props, and strengthening panels with extra battens, our seasoned professional provides a forward-thinking strategy. Contact Sheridan Fencing today to explore personalized solutions and fortify your fence against the challenges of stormy weather. Your property deserves proactive care, and our expert is here to guide you every step of the way.