Rabbit proof fencing

Fencing to keep rabbits out

Sheridan fencing - Dave Relf

In areas like Upchurch and Lower Halstow in the Medway region, wild rabbits can be a common issue for property owners. These Rabbits can damage gardens, crops, and landscaping. To protect your property and combat this problem, Sheridan Fencing recommends two effective solutions:

1. Close Board Panel Fence with Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards:

  • Dig a two-foot trench along the perimeter where you want to prevent rabbit intrusion.
  • Install concrete posts securely in the trench, ensuring they are well-supported and at appropriate intervals.
  • Attach close board panels to the posts to create a solid and durable barrier.
  • Place two concrete gravel boards horizontally at the base of the fence, burying them in the ground to deter burrowing rabbits.
  • This robust fencing solution effectively prevents rabbits from accessing your property, as they cannot burrow under the fence or easily breach it.

2. Wire or Mesh Fence Installed in the Ground:

  • Dig another trench along the area where rabbit intrusion is a concern.
  • Install a strong wire or mesh fence securely in the trench. Ensure that the fence is buried deep enough to deter rabbits from digging underneath.
  • The wire or mesh fence should have small enough openings to prevent rabbits from squeezing through.
  • This method creates a physical barrier that discourages rabbits from burrowing under or climbing over the fence.

Both of these fencing solutions are practical and proven ways to protect your property from wild rabbits in the Medway area. They not only serve as a deterrent but also help maintain the integrity of your landscaping and gardens. Sheridan Fencing is here to assist with these and other fencing projects, providing expertise and quality service to address your specific needs.

Other options

  1. Vegetation Barrier: Consider planting rabbit-resistant vegetation along the perimeter of your property. Choose plants that are less appealing to rabbits, such as thorny shrubs or plants with strong scents like lavender or rosemary. This natural barrier can discourage rabbits from approaching and complement your fencing efforts.

  2. Motion-Activated Devices: Integrate motion-activated devices, such as sprinklers or sound emitters, near vulnerable areas. These devices startle rabbits when triggered, creating an unpleasant experience that deters them from entering your property. This modern and non-intrusive approach adds an extra layer of protection to your fencing solutions.

  3. Professional Consultation: If the rabbit issue persists or if you seek a comprehensive solution, consult with wildlife management professionals. They can assess the specific challenges of your property, provide tailored advice, and may suggest additional measures to deter rabbits effectively.

By combining these strategies with the fencing solutions recommended by Sheridan Fencing, you create a multi-faceted approach that maximizes protection against wild rabbits. This comprehensive strategy not only safeguards your property but also promotes long-term harmony between your outdoor space and the local wildlife. Sheridan Fencing is dedicated to assisting you in implementing these measures for a secure and flourishing property.