Moving Boundary Fencing

Garden Fence Boundaries:

A Fencing Tale in Rochester, Medway

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Rochester, Medway—Redifining and moving an existing fence boundary. A customer, having acquired land from a neighbour, sought our expertise at Sheridan Fencing to create a brand-new boundary fence. In this narrative, we'll share how we seamlessly blended old and new to craft a brand new fencing boundary between two neigbours

Repurposing the old fencing:

Our journey began with a call to quote on a new boundary fence. The customer, having recently expanded their property, needed a fresh enclosure. Embracing sustainability and functionality, we opted to recycle the old closed board panels and concrete gravel boards from the existing boundary. Waste not, want not, as they say.


Crafting a Fresh fence between neighbours Boundary:

Armed with innovation and new concrete posts, we fashioned a brand-new boundary line in the back garden. The transition was not without its challenges—we skillfully cut through the front wall with a skill saw, seamlessly connecting the back and front gardens. The result? A continuous and polished fencing line that spoke volumes about our dedication to craftsmanship.afc05343-2563-40b0-8457-de29fc73694ejpg

Navigating Front garden boundary fence:

Beyond the front wall, our journey extended into the front garden. Here, we went with all-new closeboard panels, concrete gravel boards and posts. To keep the fencing level but with the ground rising—we cut each panel to size. 

Contractors for Boundary fencing: Conclusion

Sheridan Fencing, with 40 years of expertise, proudly shares our fencing journey in Rochester, Medway. We're not just about installing fences; we're about creating stories—stories of seamless transitions and expert craftsmanship. Each project is a chance to transform boundaries into lasting tales of timelessness and skill. Join us in making every fence a meaningful part of the landscape.

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