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Hedgehog gravel boards

I frequently receive inquiries, primarily from one individual, regarding the topic of hedgehog fencing holes in concrete Gravelboards. In response, I've prepared a little guide.

When it comes to hedgehog-friendly fencing in areas like Medway, Maidstone, Gravesend, and Sittingbourne, it's essential to ensure that your garden or outdoor space accommodates these wonderful creatures while providing protection. Here are some tips and guidelines for creating hedgehog-friendly fencing:

  1. Hedgehog Highways: Consider creating hedgehog highways or access points in your fencing. These are small holes or tunnels that allow hedgehogs to move freely between gardens. Make sure these holes are big enough for a hedgehog to pass through but not so large that other wildlife or pets can enter your garden easily.

  2. Fence Gaps: Leave a small gap at the bottom of your fence to allow hedgehogs to pass underneath. Ideally, the gap should be at least 13cm x 13cm (5 inches x 5 inches) to accommodate them comfortably.

  3. Smooth Edges: Ensure that any holes or gaps in your fencing have smooth edges to prevent injury to hedgehogs as they pass through.

  4. Avoid Wire Mesh: If you have wire mesh fencing, consider adding wooden panels or similar materials at the base to block off the gaps in the mesh. Wire mesh can be harmful to hedgehogs.

  5. Remove Hazards: Check your garden for any hazards like netting, garden tools, or chemicals that could harm hedgehogs. Keep your garden safe for these creatures.

  6. Garden Design: Plan your garden with hedgehogs in mind. Create hedgehog-friendly areas by providing natural habitats, such as log piles, wildflower gardens, and hedgehog houses.

  7. Water Sources: Ensure there's a source of fresh water available in your garden for hedgehogs to drink.

  8. Avoid Poisonous Plants: Be cautious with the plants you choose for your garden. Some plants can be toxic to hedgehogs if ingested.

  9. Remove Litter: Keep your garden clean and free of litter, which can pose dangers to hedgehogs.

Remember that hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, so they may visit your garden at night. By following these guidelines, you can contribute to the conservation of hedgehogs while enjoying their presence in your garden. 

If you wish to purchase concrete gravel boards for your fence, you can consider the following products:

  1. AVS Fencing - 6ft Professional Hedgehog Concrete Gravel Board (1830 x 150mm)

  2. Garden Fence Panels - Hedgehog Friendly Concrete Base Panel (Plain)

These concrete gravel boards are designed with hedgehog safety in mind and can be a valuable addition to your hedgehog-friendly garden fencing.

I won't be able to order the gravel boards myself. However, if you wish to have them installed, you can place the order yourself, and I'd be happy to assist with the installation.