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Hedgehog gravel boards

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Hedgehog-Friendly Fencing Guide

When I post photos of jobs we have completed, especially if I've used 12-inch concrete gravel boards, I often receive comments from one particular poster concerning hedgehogs. In response, I've created this guide to demonstrate how we can accommodate these creatures while maintaining effective fencing.

Recommended Products for Hedgehog Concrete Gravel Board

For those considering the installation of new fencing or modifying existing ones, here are two recommended concrete gravel boards designed with hedgehog safety in mind:

  1.     AVS Fencing: Offers a 6ft Professional Hedgehog Concrete Gravel Board, measuring 1830 x 150mm. Available here
  2.     Garden Fence Panels: Provides a Hedgehog Friendly Concrete Base Panel (Plain). Available here

Installation Assistance for Hedgehog fencing

While I am not in a position to order gravel boards directly and no local stockist in Medway, I can assist with their installation once you have made your purchase. This ensures that your fencing not only protects your garden but also supports local wildlife, specifically hedgehogs.

Additionally, if you opt for standard concrete gravel boards and prefer a DIY approach, we can assist. Utilising skill saws and angle grinders, we can help you cut small holes into the boards to create access points for hedgehogs. This allows for a customised solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

By adopting these measures, you'll be actively contributing to the conservation of hedgehogs, ensuring they have safe passages through urban and suburban spaces.

What To Look Out For And Help Hedgehogs In Your Garden

  •  Nocturnal Activity: Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, so they are most active at night. Keep an eye out for them in the evening or early morning hours.
  •  Hedgehog Sightings: Regularly check your garden for hedgehog sightings. They often roam through gardens in search of food, water, and suitable habitats.
  •  Hedgehog Droppings: Look for hedgehog droppings in your garden. They are cylindrical in shape and dark brown or black. Finding droppings indicates hedgehogs are present in the area.
  •  Garden Disturbances: Notice any disturbances in your garden, such as overturned pots or dug-up soil. Hedgehogs may create these while foraging for food.
  •  Checking Fencing Gaps: Inspect your fencing for gaps or openings that hedgehogs could use to enter or exit your garden. Ensure these gaps are large enough for hedgehogs to pass through comfortably.
  •  Smooth Edges: If you have created hedgehog access points in your fencing, ensure that the edges are smooth to prevent injury to the hedgehogs as they pass through.
  •  Removing Wire Mesh: If your fencing includes wire mesh near the ground, consider replacing or covering it with solid materials like wooden panels. Wire mesh can be harmful to hedgehogs if they get caught in it.
  •  Hedgehog-Friendly Features: Create hedgehog-friendly features in your garden, such as log piles, wildflower patches, and hedgehog houses. These provide shelter and foraging opportunities for hedgehogs.
  •  Safe Plant Choices: Choose plants for your garden that are safe for hedgehogs and avoid those that are toxic if ingested. This helps create a safe environment for hedgehogs to explore.
  •  Monitoring Wildlife: Keep an eye on other wildlife in your garden, as hedgehogs may interact with them. Be mindful of any potential conflicts or hazards for hedgehogs.

Fencing Expert with 40 Years of Experience

With four decades of experience in the fencing industry, Sheridan Fencing brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. Their dedication to both effective fencing solutions and wildlife conservation is evident in their approach to accommodating hedgehogs in garden fencing. By following their guidance, homeowners can ensure their gardens are not only secure but also hospitable to local wildlife, contributing to a more harmonious urban ecosystem. With  Sheridan Fencing insights and assistance, creating hedgehog-friendly fencing becomes a seamless and rewarding endeavour for customers in North kent.