Gravel Boards for Panel Fencing

12 inch concrete gravel boards choice? (6ft x 1ft)

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So, you've settled on panel fencing with concrete gravel boards for your new fence, but did you know you have four different gravel boards to choose from? Let Sheridan Fencing be your guide. With 40 years of experience installing fencing in Medway, Maidstone, Sittingbourne, and Gravesend, we're here to help you navigate your options. Let's explore the variety of gravel boards available to
find the perfect fit for your project.

All these Gravel boards are 1830 x 300mm (6ft x 1ft) in size.
  • Smooth Face Gravel Boards:


    • Description: These gravel boards have a sleek and even surface without any texture. They provide a clean and modern appearance, complementing various styles of panel fencing.
    • Advantages: Smooth face gravel boards offer a contemporary look and are relatively easy to clean. They can enhance the overall aesthetic of your fencing.
  • Dish Gravel Boards:5fb0ef63-c347-482f-90b1-1982b8491f9ajpg

    • Description: Dish gravel boards have a concave or dish-like shape. This design can add a decorative touch to your fencing and break away from the traditional flat appearance.
    • Advantages: The dish design can provide a unique visual element to your fence, creating interest and depth. It can be a distinctive choice for those looking for something different.
  • Recessed Gravel Boards:1247ffbe-7cce-4c08-9e77-8be5ecc72742jpg

    • Description: Recessed gravel boards are designed to be lightweight, making them easier to handle during installation. They often have a hollow or indented core that reduces their overall weight without compromising strength.
    • Advantages: The lightweight nature of recessed gravel boards can make the installation process more manageable. They are a practical choice for those who prioritize ease of handling.
  • Rockface Concrete Gravel Board (Imprinted Rustic Wall Look):NO Photo but a Link

  • Description: These gravel boards are textured to mimic the appearance of a rustic rock wall. The imprinted rock face adds a natural and weathered aesthetic to your fencing.
    Advantages: The rockface design provides a decorative and visually interesting aspect to your fence, giving it a more natural and earthy feel. It can be particularly appealing in outdoor settings.

Different ideas for Concrete Gravel boards

While commonly used at the base of panel fencing for added durability and aesthetic appeal, why not consider utilizing concrete gravel boards for the entire fence structure or even repurpose them for creative projects like planters?

Choosing concrete gravel boards for the entire fence can provide a uniform and robust foundation, enhancing the overall strength and longevity of your fencing. Moreover, these boards offer a durable and low-maintenance solution, ensuring your fence stands the test of time.42f6ace1-8e85-4fd6-9f6d-86f11e1f0ed3jpg

Thinking outside the conventional fencing realm, concrete gravel boards can also find new life as planters. Their sturdy construction and varied designs make them an excellent choice for creating stylish and long-lasting plant containers. This dual-purpose approach not only adds greenery and charm to your outdoor space but also maximizes the utility of these concrete elements.

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Remember, at Sheridan Fencing, we primarily utilize the recessed option for its practicality and ease of handling. However, your preferences matter most to us. Whether it's the smooth face, dish, rockface, or any other gravel board style, the choice is yours. Let's customize your fencing project to reflect your unique vision and needs

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