Fencing on a slope

Fencing on Sloped Ground: Closeboarding Fencing on a Slope Benefits

Closeboarding fencing adapts effortlessly to sloped landscapes. Its customizable design allows for precise post placement and bay lengths adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit to the natural slope. Choose closeboarding for a seamless and tailored fence solution on any terrain.

When fencing on a slope, the traditional markings on mortice posts which are used for closeboarding become insufficient guides. Instead, employing a fencing string line becomes imperative. This line, when set at the desired height, serves as a consistent reference point, ensuring that the boards follow the natural slope of the terrain.

Panel Fencing on a slope

Installing panels on a slope entails dealing with drops on every bay. Concrete posts and gravelboards are essential for maintaining panel levelness. With careful installation, drops can be managed effectively, ensuring a visually appealing and structurally sound fence even on uneven terrain.  
By digging into the slope and partially burying gravelboards, your panels remain protected, ensuring a durable and visually appealing fence on uneven ground.

Picket Fence on a Slope:

Installing a picket fence on a slope is straightforward, similar to closeboarding. With adaptable design, each section can be customized to accommodate the slope. Adjustments in post placement and panel length ensure a seamless transition, making picket fences an effortless solution for sloped landscapes


Conclusion: Mastering Fencing on Sloped Terrain

Navigating fencing installation on sloped terrain requires careful consideration and strategic planning. Whether opting for closeboarding, panel fencing with concrete posts and gravelboards, or picket fences, adapting to the slope is achievable with the right approach.

By utilizing customizable designs and adjusting post placement and panel lengths, fencing on slopes can seamlessly blend with the natural contours of the land. With attention to detail and the proper materials, homeowners can achieve both functional and aesthetically pleasing fencing solutions on even the most challenging terrain.

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