Gravel board Brackets

Gravel board Brackets for wooden posts.

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Have you ever wondered how to effectively connect concrete gravel boards to wooden posts? At Sheridan Fencing, we recently undertook a project for a loyal customer in Wainscott, Medway, where we faced the challenge of deteriorating wooden fence posts and inadequate gravel boards. The once-sturdy wooden posts had succumbed to rot, while the existing wooden gravel boards struggled to hold back the shingle in the driveway. Determined to retain the classic wooden post aesthetic, our solution lies in the innovative use of 50mm wide gravel board brackets – a method of fortifying wooden posts with the strength of concrete gravel boards.

The Challenge

Upon inspection, we found three 4x4 wooden posts in decay. The existing wooden gravel boards beneath decorative panels were ill-equipped to handle the load of the driveway's shingle. Our challenge was clear: find a solution that preserves the timeless charm of wooden posts while enhancing their resilience to the elements.

The Solution – Gravel Board Brackets


The answer to effectively connecting concrete gravel boards to wooden posts lies in 50mm wide gravel board brackets. This durable solution seamlessly marries the traditional wooden post with enhanced durability. These brackets serve as a vital connection point between concrete gravel boards and wooden posts, ensuring a secure and enduring fence str



  1. Post Replacement

    Our first step involved removing the decaying 4x4 wooden posts and replacing them with new, sturdy alternatives to establish a solid foundation for the forthcoming enhancements.

  2. Gravel Board Bracket Installation

    With measurements in hand, we strategically positioned the 50mm wide gravel board brackets along the length of the wooden posts, ensuring uniform support for the entire fence structure. Using a power drill and wood screws, we secured the brackets firmly in place.

  3. Gravel Board Attachment

    Concrete gravel boards were then affixed to the brackets using appropriate screws, creating a robust barrier against the shifting shingle in the driveway.

  4. Reinforced Strength

    The combination of upgraded wooden posts and gravel board brackets significantly bolstered the overall strength of the fence. This not only addressed the immediate challenge but also ensured a resilient and enduring solution for years to come.

Fence Builders Gravel Board Bracket Installation Techniques

a. Measurement Process

Begin by precisely measuring the height of both the decorative panel and the concrete gravel board.

b. Marking on the Wooden Post

Using the obtained height measurements, mark the corresponding points on the wooden post from the top down with a pencil. These marks serve as guides for aligning the bottom of the bracket.

c. Bracket Placement

Align the bottom of the bracket with the pencil marks on the post. This ensures that the bracket integrates seamlessly with the marks, creating a precise and visually aligned installation.

d. Attachment with Wood Screws

Secure the bracket to the wooden post using wood screws. Whether using a power drill or a screwdriver, ensure that the bottom of the bracket aligns precisely with the pencil marks for a sturdy and level attachment.

e. Repeat on the Other Side

Repeat the entire process on the other side of the post, aligning the bottom of the bracket with the corresponding pencil marks. This consistent approach guarantees symmetry and a professional finish.


Have you ever wondered how to connect concrete gravel boards to wooden posts? Our recent Fence Builders project showcased the effectiveness of gravel board brackets – an artful and practical solution that breathes new life into a fence while preserving the timeless appeal of wooden fencing. If you've pondered over a similar challenge, consider gravel board brackets as a versatile and reliable enhancement for your fencing needs.

Where to Get Gravel Board Brackets?

Looking to enhance your fence with sturdy gravel board brackets? You can find them at various locations, making the upgrade process convenient and accessi


  • Local Fencing Suppliers

    Your local fencing supplier is a prime destination for sourcing gravel board brackets. These suppliers typically offer a range of fencing accessories, including brackets, ensuring compatibility with your specific needs. Visit or contact your nearest fencing supplier to explore the available options.

  • Home DIY Stores

    Retailers like Screwfix are excellent sources for gravel board brackets. These stores cater to a wide range of DIY needs and construction materials, making it easy to find brackets suitable for your project. Check the fencing or hardware section of these stores for a selection of brackets in different sizes.

  • Different Lengths for Varied Gravel Board Sizes

    Whether you need brackets for a 6-inch gravel board or a foot-long one, many suppliers and stores offer brackets in different lengths. This ensures you can tailor the brackets to the specific dimensions of your gravel boards, providing a customized and secure fit.

  • Fence Builders Near You

    Consider reaching out to local fence builders for recommendations on where to purchase high-quality gravel board brackets. They often have valuable insights into the best suppliers in the area and may even offer to procure the brackets for you as part of a comprehensive fencing service.

  • Local Options for Gravel Board Brackets

    We sourced ours from Boxley Fencing Supplies in Boxley.