Gates and Entrances for Dog-Friendly Fencing

Gates and Entrances for Dog-Friendly Fences: A Case Study by Sheridan Fencing in Lordswood

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In Lordswood, a homeowner residing in a maisonette approached Sheridan Fencing with a unique challenge. Living upstairs, the immediate concern was the potential risk of their dog running onto the road from the stairs. They also desired a secure boundary, ensuring the dog remained within their property confines once outside.

The Challenge

Recognizing the homeowner's specific requirements, Sheridan Fencing proposed a tailored solution. Eschewing a standard fence, they recommended a small close board fence complemented by a matching gate. This bespoke design seamlessly merged functionality with aesthetic appeal, enhancing the property's overall look.

Sheridan Fencing's Tailored Solution

Sheridan Fencing, renowned for its expertise, proposed a bespoke design that merged functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring both security and style.

Key Features of the fence and gate Installation

1. Height & Deterrence

Anticipating potential escape routes, the fence's height was meticulously chosen, ensuring the dog's containment.

2. Robustness & Longevity

The selection of a close board fence ensured durability, promising a structure resistant to wear and external elements.

3. User-Friendly Gate Design

The gate, equipped with secure latches and hinges, guaranteed easy access for the homeowner while ensuring the dog's safety and containment.

4. Prioritizing Visibility

Both the fence and gate designs emphasized visibility, minimizing risks associated with obscured pathways or unforeseen barriers.

5. Ease of Movement

Despite its solid construction, the gate remained lightweight and user-centric, facilitating smooth movement and operations.20211105_112347jpg

The Positive Outcome

Following Sheridan Fencing's installation, the homeowner experienced peace of mind, knowing their dog could safely explore the outdoor space without the looming threat of road hazards. Furthermore, the fence's design seamlessly integrated with the property's architectural elements, augmenting its visual appeal.

In Conclusion

This case study from Lordswood underscores Sheridan Fencing's commitment to tailored solutions. By understanding the homeowner's specific needs and challenges, they crafted a fencing solution that prioritized safety, functionality, and design. For residents seeking bespoke fencing solutions, partnering with Sheridan Fencing ensures unparalleled expertise and results.

Sheridan Fencing boasts 40 years of unparalleled expertise, serving the communities of Medway, Maidstone, Gravesend, and Sittingbourne. With a rich legacy in the fencing industry, they've consistently delivered quality solutions, earning trust across these regions.