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Guide to Hiring Fencing Contractors

Sheridan fencing - Dave Relf

With over 40 years of experience, Sheridan Fencing is a reputable and trusted name in the industry. Known for their expertise, excellent reviews, and an extensive portfolio with thousands of photos, Sheridan Fencing is based in Medway and proudly serves North Kent, including Gravesend, Maidstone, and Sittingbourne. As you embark on your journey to find the ideal fencing contractor, consider the following key factors with the guidance of Sheridan Fencing's wealth of experience and commitment to quality.
  • Fencing Contractor Research:

    • Conduct thorough research on local fencing contractors. Utilize online platforms, reviews, and recommendations from friends or family. Look for fencing contractors with a strong reputation, positive feedback, and a history of successful projects in your area.
  • Fencing Contractor Experience:

    • Choose a fencing contractor with substantial and relevant experience in fencing. Inquire about the types of projects they have worked on, ensuring their expertise aligns with your specific needs. An experienced fencing contractor is likely to handle challenges effectively and deliver high-quality results.
  • Fencing Contractor References:

    • Request and contact references from the fencing contractor's previous clients. Ask about their overall satisfaction with the fencing contractor's work, adherence to timelines, and communication during the project. References provide valuable insights into the fencing contractor's professionalism and reliability.
  • Fencing Contractor Estimates:

    • Obtain detailed written estimates from multiple fencing contractors. The estimate should outline the cost breakdown, including materials, labor, and any additional expenses. A transparent and comprehensive estimate helps you understand the financial aspects of the project and make informed decisions.
  • Fencing Contractor Timeline:

    • Discuss and establish a realistic timeline for the project with the fencing contractor. A reputable fencing contractor should provide a clear schedule from start to finish. Consider potential weather-related delays and factor in any specific deadlines you may have for the completion of the fencing project.
  • Fencing Contractor Communication:

    • Effective communication is crucial throughout the project with the fencing contractor. Clarify communication channels and frequency of updates. A fencing contractor who maintains open and transparent communication fosters a positive working relationship and ensures that you are well-informed about the project's progress.
  • Fencing Contractor Local Knowledge:

    • Opt for a fencing contractor familiar with local conditions, soil types, and weather patterns. Local knowledge is valuable in planning and executing a successful fencing project that withstands regional challenges. It also ensures compliance with any local regulations or building codes.
  • Fencing Contractor Clean-up and Disposal:

    • Clearly define the responsibilities for site cleanup and debris disposal in the contract with the fencing contractor. Discuss how the fencing contractor plans to leave the work area once the project is complete. A fencing contractor who prioritizes cleanliness demonstrates professionalism and respect for your property.
  • Fencing Contractor Customization Options:

    • If you have specific design preferences or customization requirements, communicate them clearly with the fencing contractor. Discuss the feasibility of incorporating your ideas and explore available customization options. A fencing contractor who is willing to work closely with your vision enhances the personalization of the project.
  • Fencing Contractor Subcontracting:

    • Inquire about the use of subcontractors by the fencing contractor. If the fencing contractor plans to use subcontractors for specific aspects of the project, ensure that they are also licensed and insured. Additionally, clarify the fencing contractor's role in overseeing and coordinating the work of subcontractors to maintain a seamless and well-coordinated project. (We never Subcontract)
  • Fencing Contractor Payment Schedule:

  • Discuss and agree upon a payment schedule with the fencing contractor that does not involve an upfront deposit. Payments should be structured based on specific project milestones, with the final payment due upon the satisfactory completion of the project. A clear payment schedule, tied to project progress and completion, helps maintain transparency and a fair financial arrangement.

Hope this helps you in choosing a fencing company.