Fencing Chronicles: From Gates to Showroom Floors

Sheridan fencing - Dave Relf


Our Unusual Journey in Luton, Medway, Shorne, and Outer London"

Embarking on diverse projects is a hallmark of our fencing journey, and one particular saga stands out as the oddest and most unexpected. Starting with a simple gate replacement in Luton, Medway, for a landlord, we found ourselves on a winding path that led us to the heart of an old train station, a personal residence in Shorne, and finally, an outer London shop front that turned into a full-blown adventure.

Part 1: The Gateway to Unusual Ventures – Luton, Medway

The story kicks off with a routine gate replacement job for a landlord in Luton, Medway. Little did we know that this seemingly straightforward task was merely the first step in a series of peculiar and unexpected projects.

Part 2: A Fence in an Old Train Station – Rochester's Quirky Tale

Our client, expanding his list of demands, led us to the old Rochester train station, still bustling with activity. Here, amidst the echoes of train whistles, we replaced a back fence and spruced up the surroundings for his taxi business, blending the worlds of transport and fencing in a peculiar juxtaposition.

Part 3: Fencing Repairs and Personal Touches – Shorne's Homely Twist

Transitioning to the personal realm, we found ourselves in Shorne, addressing fencing repairs at the landlord's own residence. Little did we anticipate that this seemingly normal task was a precursor to the truly unusual endeavors that awaited us.

Part 4: A Christmas Surprise – Outer London's Building Extravaganza

As Christmas approached, our client reached out again, this time with an entirely unexpected proposition – general building work at a shop front in outer London. What began as a modest endeavor to renew mortar quickly evolved into replacing an upstairs floor, complete with new rafters and wood. However, the true surprise awaited us – a request to replace the entire shop floor for a car showroom, mirroring the chaotic charm of a sitcom like "Only Fools and Horses."


Our journey from gates to showroom floors was an unexpected and whimsical adventure, demonstrating the diverse skills and adaptability of our team. Each step of the way presented new challenges, transforming what started as routine fencing work into a tale worthy of a television sitcom. As we reflect on this unusual journey, we're reminded that in the world of fencing and construction, every project has its own unique story waiting to unfold.