Close Encounters of the Pet Kind: Tales from the Fence

Tales from the Fencing Frontline

Sheridan fencing - Dave Relf 

At Sheridan Fencing, we've spent the last 40 years serving Medway and the surrounding areas. Over the decades, we've built more than just fences; we've collected a treasure trove of memorable experiences, many of which involve our customers' pets. 

Here are three of our favourite stories:

The Golden Retriever Surprise

Our job that day was straightforward: a couple of panels and a few posts. Nothing we hadn’t done a hundred times before. However, as we were getting started, the next-door neighbour’s golden retriever decided to join the fun. This friendly furball was whizzing around us like he’d just discovered his long-lost pack. Every time we moved, he jumped up at us; when we were cutting the panels, he was licking our faces. It was quite a challenge!

Despite his enthusiasm and friendly nature, we were baffled as to why the neighbour left him out. At one point, he grabbed a piece of scrap wood and started running around with it, wagging his tail like he’d won a prize. We tried giving him treats to distract him, but he was more interested in playing with us than eating. Eventually, after much laughter and a bit of strategic manoeuvring, we managed to guide him back into his garden. Phew! It certainly made for a memorable day and reminded us just how unpredictable our work can be.

The Black Lab Escape

On another job, everything seemed fine initially. Knowing that no one was home next door, we made sure to check that there were no dogs in sight before starting. Confident we were in the clear, we began taking down the fence. Just as we were about to peel off a panel with our small shovel, a black Labrador burst through, destroying the panel in one swift motion and bolting away.

Realizing this was our fault, we immediately gave chase. Fortunately, the garden backed onto a park, giving us some hope of catching him. Despite our best efforts, the dog had no intention of coming back. He darted through the park, weaving between trees and other park-goers, clearly enjoying his newfound freedom. After two hours of keeping him in sight and trying various tactics to lure him back, his owners finally returned. With profuse apologies from us, the dog was safely returned home. They were understanding, but it was a lesson for us to always double-check our surroundings.

The Pigeon Fanciers

Pigeon fanciers are a rare breed these days, but back in the late '90s, we worked a job for one such enthusiast. As a gesture of goodwill, he offered us two pigeons. Intrigued, we accepted. I happened to have a spare shed at the time and thus began our brief stint as fledgling pigeon fanciers.

For six weeks, we fed and cared for these birds. We did some research, built a cosy little home for them, and even started to get attached. The big day arrived when we decided to let them fly, expecting a graceful return. As you might have guessed, they took off and never came back! We stood there, watching them disappear into the sky, feeling a mix of amusement and disappointment. We like to think they enjoyed a nice holiday away. It was a fun experience, albeit a short-lived one, and it gave us a new appreciation for the dedication of pigeon fanciers.

Every job has its unique challenges, but these pet encounters have certainly added a touch of adventure to our workdays. Whether it's playful pups or runaway pigeons, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected in the world of fencing. At Sheridan Fencing, it's all part of the job!

Closing Thoughts

From mischievous golden retrievers to runaway black labs and even a brief foray into pigeon fancying, our experiences with pets have brought joy, laughter, and a few heart-pounding moments to our work. These stories are a testament to the unpredictable and delightful nature of our job. As we continue to build fences and serve our community, we look forward to many more unexpected encounters and heartwarming tales. Here's to another 40 years of fencing and fantastic pet stories!