Wood fence Installation

Wooden Fence Installation: Your Complete Guide

 Fence Installation In Wood

Exploring wooden fence options for your property? Popular choices include Closeboard Panels, Waney Lap Panels, Decorative Designs, Picket Fences, and traditional Closeboarding. Each style offers unique benefits, combining aesthetics with functionality to suit various property types and personal preferences.

Sheridan Fencing - Dave Relf: North Kent's Wood Fence Contractors

When it comes to bringing these wooden fencing options to life, choosing the right contractors is crucial for a flawless and visually striking installation. Here in North Kent, Sheridan Fencing offers an exquisite selection of wooden timber fencing solutions. As experienced fence contractors, we specialise in crafting and installing a variety of styles to meet your specific needs and enhance your property's appeal and security.46fb3096-8b7f-4632-a452-7f1a76fb59c3jpg

Wood Fence Installation Guide

If you're planning a wood fence installation in North Kent this year, consider these popular options:

  • Closeboard Panels
  • Waney Lap Panels
  • Hit and Miss Fencing
  • Post and Rail Fencing
  • Decorative Designs
  • Picket Fences
  • Traditional Closeboarding

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    Closeboarding Installation For a traditional and robust closeboarding installation, we recommend using morticed 4x4 wooden posts. Alternatively, plain 4x4 posts can be employed with motorway rails attached to the front, followed by boarding. This method ensures the posts remain hidden on the boarded side.

    Panel Options When opting for Waney Lap Panels, 3x3 wooden posts are an excellent choice due to their lighter weight. For decorative panels or the timeless picket fence, we suggest plain 4x4 wooden posts for enhanced stability.

    Hit and Miss Fencing Installation Hit and Miss fencing offers a perfect balance of privacy and airflow. We recommend using sturdy 4x4 wooden posts for this style. The unique alternating board pattern can be achieved using vertical or horizontal boards, depending on your preference.

    Post and Rail Fencing Installation For a classic, rustic look, Post and Rail fencing is an excellent choice. We typically use 5" or 6" round or square posts, with 3-4 horizontal rails depending on the desired height. This style is perfect for defining boundaries in rural or semi-rural settings.

    Gravel Boards Consider incorporating gravel boards to enhance your fence's longevity and aesthetics. Available in 6-inch height and 10-foot length, these versatile boards can be customised to complement any fencing style.

    Wooden Fencing Options:

    1. Closeboarding: • Recommended: Morticed 4x4 wooden posts • Alternative: Plain 4x4 posts with motorway rails
    2. Waney Lap Panels: • Recommended: 3x3 wooden posts • Alternative: 4x4 wooden posts for added stability
    3. Decorative/Closeboard Panels: • Recommended: Plain 4x4 wooden posts
    4. Picket Fence: • Recommended: Morticed 4x4 wooden posts
    5. Gravel Boards: • 6-inch height, 10-foot length • Customisable for all fencing styles

    Why Choose Sheridan Fencing For Wood Fence Installation?

    When it comes to wood fence installation, Sheridan Fencing stands out as North Kent's premier choice. Our dedicated team offers unparalleled expertise and a wide range of options, including Closeboard Panels, Waney Lap Panels, and decorative designs. We're committed to bringing your vision to life, transforming your property with a beautifully crafted wooden fence that combines aesthetics and functionality.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Fence Installation (FAQ)

    Q: How long does a typical wood fence installation take? A: The duration varies depending on the project's scope, but most residential installations can be completed within 1-3 days.

    Q: How often should I maintain my wooden fence? A: We advise inspecting your fence annually and applying a protective sealant every 2-3 years to maintain its appearance and longevity.

    Q: Can you install a fence on uneven ground? A: Absolutely. Our experienced team can adapt the installation process to accommodate various terrain challenges.

    Q: Do I need planning permission for a wooden fence? A: Generally, fences under 2 metres high don't require planning permission. However, we recommend checking with your local council for specific regulations.

    Q: What are the benefits of Hit and Miss fencing? A: Hit and Miss fencing offers a great balance between privacy and ventilation. It's also effective at reducing wind load, making it suitable for exposed areas.

    Q: Is Post and Rail fencing suitable for security purposes? A: While Post and Rail fencing is excellent for boundary demarcation, it's not typically used for high-security applications. However, it can be combined with wire mesh for added security if needed.

    Transform your property today with Sheridan Fencing's expert wood fence installation services. Contact us for a free consultation and quote, and let us bring your fencing vision to life with unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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