What Tools do you need for Fencing?

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Don't Need Professional Help from Sheridan Fencing? Try DIY with These Tools

If you've decided to tackle your fence project yourself and don't require the assistance of professionals like Sheridan Fencing, we highly recommend using the following tools for a successful DIY fence installation:

1. Post Hole Spade

For digging the necessary holes for your fence posts, consider using a reliable post hole spade. We recommend the Draper 21301 Long Handled Solid Forged Fencing Spade, which you can find on Amazon here. This tool is designed to make the digging process efficient and precise.

2. Post Hole Bar with Chisel End

To help you set your fence posts securely in the ground, a Post Hole Bar with a Chisel End is invaluable. We recommend the Faithfull DIGPOST Chisel Bar, which is 60 inches long and equipped with a 1-inch chisel end. You can find it on Amazon here. This tool makes it easier to create sturdy post holes.

3. Basic Tools

In addition to the specialized fencing tools mentioned above, you'll also need some basic tools for the job. A hammer and a level are essential for ensuring your fence is properly installed and level. With these basic tools and the right post hole spade and post hole bar, you can complete even the most fundamental fence installation tasks.

When using the spade for digging, it's important to remember not to lever with it, as this can cause the spade to bend. Levering with the spade can put excessive strain on the tool, potentially leading to damage. Instead, focus on using the spade for its primary purpose, which is digging. If you encounter stubborn or compacted soil that requires additional force to break up, it's often better to use a separate levering tool or implement like the Post Hole Bar with a Chisel End, which is designed for such tasks. This will help prolong the life of your spade and ensure efficient and safe digging during your fence installation.

  If you encounter difficulties or challenges during your DIY fence installation and require professional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Sheridan Fencing. You can contact us at 01634 660732, and our team will be ready to provide the expertise and support you need to ensure a successful fence project. We're here to help with any fencing-related questions or services you may require.