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Customer in Rainham, Medway

Introduction: Recently, Sheridan Fencing had the pleasure of serving a customer through email for an online fencing quotes. Let's explore the experience of this customer, who sought to have a new fence for their property with Sheridan Fencing's expertise.( Yes i see the ball in the tree, haha)

Email Inquiry: The process began with a simple yet effective step – an email inquiry. Our customer, residing in Rainham, expressed their fencing requirements, desiring four close board panels, concrete posts, and concrete gravel boards. The customer outlined their needs, demonstrating their understanding of the project scope.

Prompt online fencing Estimate: Responding promptly to the inquiry, Sheridan Fencing reciprocated with an approximate estimate, ensuring transparency and clarity from the outset. The customer, appreciative of the detailed estimate, promptly accepted, marking the initial stage of our collaboration.

On-site Assessment:  Understanding the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in every project, we proposed an on-site assessment to validate the estimate and ensure alignment with the customer's expectations. This proactive approach mitigates any potential discrepancies and fosters trust between the client and Sheridan Fencing.

Site Inspection: Upon the customer's agreement, our team visited the site in Rainham,  inspecting old fencing and area to confirm the estimate's accuracy and identify any hidden challenges. Satisfied with the alignment between expectation and reality, both parties proceeded with confidence toward the project's execution.

Fencing Installation: One week later, we got on with the job removing the old waney lap panels and 4x4 wooden posts, we then installed 5ft close board panels, concrete posts and gravel boards, the job itself was tough going but with the help of our kango drill we was able to complete the job.22c836d2-5b62-4ef1-a933-8bddefdc5a2cjpg

Conclusion: The completion of the project not only marked the enhancement of the customer's property but also solidified the bond of trust and satisfaction between Sheridan Fencing and its valued clientele. Through seamless communication, meticulous planning, and unparalleled craftsmanship, Sheridan Fencing continues to set the standard for fencing solutions in Medway and its surrounding areas.b4f9e543-1381-4a27-affc-725347ba527cjpg

Story Highlights:

  1. Email Inquiry: Customer in Rainham contacts Sheridan Fencing via email, detailing their fencing needs.

  2. Prompt Estimate: Sheridan Fencing responds quickly with an approximate estimate, ensuring transparency.

  3. On-site Assessment: Recognizing the importance of accuracy, Sheridan Fencing proposes an on-site inspection to validate the estimate.

  4. Site Inspection: The team meticulously inspects the site in Rainham to confirm the estimate's accuracy and identify any hidden challenges.

  5. Diligent Installation: Over a week, Sheridan Fencing works diligently on the installation, executing each step with expertise and precision.

  6. Customer Satisfaction: The project's completion exceeds the customer's expectations, strengthening the bond of trust between Sheridan Fencing and its clientele.

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