Garden Fence Fitters: A Fencing Transformation

Transforming an Outdoor Space in Strood: Garden Fence Fitters

At Sheridan Fencing, as Garden fence fitters our commitment to quality and durability has been honed over 40 years of dedicated service. Recently, we had the opportunity to revisit a loyal customer in Strood, transforming their garden with new fencing solutions that offered enhanced height, privacy, and adaptability to new functional needs, such as a driveway and carpark space.

A Legacy of Excellence

Seventeen years ago, we installed the original fences for this customer. These fences, standing the test of time, remained in excellent condition, demonstrating the resilience and quality of our craftsmanship. However, with changing needs, the customer sought fences that provided greater height for privacy and modifications to accommodate new uses of their garden space.

The Back Fence: Combining Strength and Privacy


The transformation of the back fence was a significant aspect of this project. We installed a new 7ft high close-boarded fence, supported by durable concrete posts and gravel boards. This fence followed the original boundary but incorporated changes to create a space for a new carpark spot. 

Key specifications for the back fence included:

  •     Fence Boards: 6ft 6in high, providing robust privacy.
  •     Gravel Board: 6in high, offering protection against ground moisture and pests.
  •     Gate: 7ft high, ensuring secure and convenient access.

This high and sturdy structure not only met the customer's privacy needs but also seamlessly integrated with the new driveway, showcasing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


The Side Fence: Ensuring Privacy with a Standalone Trellis

The side fence, owned by a neighbour, did not require a full replacement. However, to enhance privacy for our customers, we installed a 2ft high standalone privacy trellis. Constructed with sturdy 2x4 timber posts, the trellis provided the necessary height while maintaining a level alignment throughout its length. This solution effectively balanced privacy needs without altering the existing fence structure.

The Front Fence: A Renewed Facade

The front fence underwent a comprehensive revamp. The existing posts, still in good condition, allowed us to focus on replacing all the wooden components. We upgraded the wooden gravel board to a more durable concrete one and installed a new gate. This refresh not only improved the visual appeal but also enhanced the structural integrity and longevity of the fence. d600ae0f-4aac-4fc8-9a34-2db0767f7871jpg

Key improvements included:

  • New Wooden Boards: Replacing the old boards to rejuvenate the fence's appearance.

  • Concrete Gravel Board: Offering greater durability and resistance to environmental factors.

  • Gate Installation: A custom-made gate to match the renewed fence, ensuring secure access.

Custom Gates: Garden Gate fitters


Our expertise extends to crafting custom gates that are both functional and durable. For this project, we created two bespoke gates. The first, a 7ft high gate, was meticulously crafted a week before the installation. The second gate, measuring 6ft 6in, was made on the day of the job. To minimize warping, we used dried timber for the sides and top. Given their considerable height, each gate was fitted with three hinges and two bolts, ensuring stability and security.

As you can see, the gates had to be installed at a different angle than the fence. This was achieved by cutting an angle on the wall plates, allowing the gates to close seamlessly. This precise adjustment showcases our attention to detail and ability to customize solutions to fit unique circumstances.

Front view of Wall Plate

Back View of Wall plate

A Smooth and Efficient Process

The entire project was completed in four days, with an additional half day dedicated to crafting the first gate. This efficient yet thorough approach ensures that our installations are both timely and of the highest quality.

Why Choose Sheridan Fencing?

With over four decades of experience, Sheridan Fencing has built a reputation for excellence in the fencing industry. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction set us apart. Whether you need a new fence, a revamp, or custom gate solutions, we guarantee reliable, high-quality results.

For all your fencing needs, contact Sheridan Fencing today and let us transform your outdoor space with our expert craftsmanship and personalized service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why did the customer decide to replace their fence after 17 years?

  • The customer wanted to increase the height of the fence for enhanced privacy and to accommodate new features like a driveway and carpark space. Despite the original fences being in good condition after 17 years, these changes required a new installation.

2. What are the benefits of using concrete posts and gravel boards?

  • Concrete posts and gravel boards are more durable and resistant to weathering and pests compared to wooden alternatives. They provide a strong, stable foundation for the fence and can significantly extend its lifespan.

3. How do you ensure the gates align properly when installed at an angle?

  • To achieve the proper alignment, we cut an angle on the wall plates. This precision allows the gates to close seamlessly even when positioned at different angles to the fence.

4. What considerations are taken when installing a fence around a new carpark space?

  • When installing a fence around a new carpark space, we ensure that the fence line accommodates the required area for parking while maintaining the overall integrity and aesthetics of the fence. In this project, we created space for the carpark while following the original fence line.

5. Can you explain the privacy trellis installation for the side fence?

  • To enhance privacy without replacing the neighbor's fence, we installed a 2ft high standalone privacy trellis using 2x4 timber posts. This trellis provided the necessary height for privacy while keeping the structure level and independent of the neighbor's fence.

6. How do you prevent gates from warping over time?

  • To minimize the risk of warping, we use dried timber for the sides and top of the gates. Additionally, for higher gates, we use three hinges and two bolts to provide extra stability and support.

7. How long did this particular fencing project take to complete?

  • The entire project took four days to complete, with an additional half day dedicated to crafting one of the custom gates. This timeline reflects our efficient and meticulous approach to ensure high-quality results.

8. What are the advantages of having custom-made gates?

  • Custom-made gates ensure a perfect fit for your specific needs and design preferences. They can be tailored to match the height, angle, and aesthetic of your fence, providing both functionality and visual appeal.

9. Why was a revamp sufficient for the front fence instead of a full replacement?

  • The existing posts of the front fence were still in good condition, so we focused on renewing all the wooden components, upgrading the gravel board to concrete, and installing a new gate. This approach was cost-effective and environmentally friendly while still providing a fresh, durable finish.

10. How can I request a quote or consultation for my fencing project?

  • You can contact Sheridan Fencing through our website, email, or phone. We’ll be happy to discuss your fencing needs, provide a detailed quote, and schedule a consultation to assess your project requirements.


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