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Introduction: Welcome to our fencing blog, where we share stories of our fencing adventures, this time in Maidstone, particularly our recent project with Sheridan Fencing. In this post, we'll delve into a satisfying return to an old customer's new residence, located near Mote Park, and the remarkable fencing journey we undertook to elevate their property.
  1. Part 1: Front Fence Upgrade in Maidstone,

    Our journey began when we received a call from a previous customer who had recently moved to a house near the bustling main road around Mote Park. Eager to enhance their privacy and create a tranquil space, they initially sought a front fence to shield their home from the constant car traffic. We swiftly got to work by removing a worn-out panel fence and replacing it with a stunning 6ft closeboard fence featuring elegant top capping. To further optimize the design, the fence sloped gracefully towards the front drive, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


    Part 2: Turfing for

  2. our clients expressed their desire for a lush green lawn. Committed to providing a comprehensive service, we sourced and laid the turf, transforming their front yard into a vibrant oasis. The combination of the newly installed fence and the freshly laid turf not only enhanced the property's aesthetics but also contributed to a more serene and inviting atmosphere.


    Part 3: Continuity in Design with a Rear Fence

    Installation Impressed and pleased with the front fence and landscaping work, our clients invited us back to complete the transformation by installing a matching rear fence. Staying true to the design language established in the front, we opted for the same 6ft closeboard fence with top capping. To maintain a level appearance, we introduced different board sizes while ensuring a seamless transition between the front and rear sections.


    Part 4: On-Site Gate Installation in Maidstone

    As a finishing touch to the rear fence project, we crafted a made-to-measure gate on-site, adding a personalized and functional element to the overall design. Our dedication to bespoke craftsmanship ensured that the gate seamlessly integrated with the fence, providing both security and visual continuity.PXL_20231123_144510816MPjpg

    List of Completed Tasks:

    1. Removal of old, shabby panel fence.
    2. Installation of a 6ft closeboard fence with top capping in the front.
    3. Sloping design of the front fence to follow the terrain.
    4. Pickup and laying of turf in the front yard.
    5. Installation of a matching 6ft closeboard fence in the rear.
    6. Use of different board sizes to maintain level in the rear fence.
    7. On-site crafting and installation of a made-to-measure gate.


    Our fencing adventure in Maidstone with Sheridan Fencing exemplifies the transformative power of quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. From enhancing privacy with a front fence to creating a harmonious landscape with turfing, and finally, ensuring continuity with a matching rear fence and bespoke gate, every step of the project contributed to a truly remarkable outcome. Stay tuned for more tales from our fencing endeavors, where we continue to turn dreams into reality, one fence at a time.