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Sheridan Fencing -  Fencing Panel revamp in Medway

At Sheridan Fencing, we understand that over time, your fence panels may start to show signs of wear, weathering, or even rot. That's why we offer you the perfect solution: replacing or upgrading to stronger fence panels. As your trusted fencing experts in Medway, including Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, Rainham, and Strood, we're here to provide you with the finest fencing solutions.

Waney Lap Panels:

These panels offer a cost-effective and traditional choice for your fencing needs. They provide a classic, charming look while still ensuring your privacy.

Closeboard Panels:

For those seeking enhanced strength and durability, closeboard panels are the answer. These panels are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and provide an added layer of security.

With over 40 years of experience in the fencing business, we've become the go-to source for fencing in Medway. We're dedicated to not only repairing and replacing your fence panels but also upgrading them to improve the aesthetics, security, and longevity of your fence. Let Sheridan Fencing be your partner in keeping your property safe and looking its best.