Sheridan Fencing provides a variety of garden gate options in the Medway area, catering to different needs and styles. Their gate offerings include:

  1. Side Gate: Side gates are a popular choice for creating access to your garden from the side of your property. They offer security, privacy, and convenience.

  2. Back Gate: Back gates are typically used to secure the rear entrance or exit of your property. They can be designed for various purposes, including garden access, security, or aesthetic enhancement.

  3. Small Gate: Small gates are perfect for smaller entrances or openings, such as pedestrian pathways or garden sections. They provide a charming and practical addition to your property.

  4. Picket Gate: Picket gates complement picket fences and add a touch of traditional charm to your garden or front garden. They are often used for decorative purposes and are available in various designs.

  5. Double Gate: Double gates are ideal for wider openings, such as driveways or larger entrances. They offer both practicality and an attractive entrance to your property.

  6. 5-Bar Gate: 5-bar gates, often made from wood or metal, are a classic choice for rural and country-style properties. They provide a secure and durable option for larger entrances.

If you're interested in any of these gate types for your property in Medway, you can contact Sheridan Fencing to discuss your specific requirements, receive information about available designs and materials, and request a quote for gate installation. We can assist you in selecting the right gate that suits your needs and complements your property's style.