Fencing Repair

Sheridan Fencing offers a comprehensive range of fencing repair services in various locations, including Gillingham, Rainham, Chatham, Strood, Rochester, Sittingbourne, Maidstone, and Gravesend. These services are designed to address various issues and maintain the integrity and aesthetics of your fencing. Some common fencing repair services they provide include:

  1. Panel Replacements: If you have damaged or deteriorating fence panels, Sheridan Fencing can replace them with new panels. This helps maintain the overall appearance and functionality of your fence.

  2. Posts Renewed: Over time, fence posts can weaken or rot, which can compromise the stability of your fencing. Sheridan Fencing can renew or replace damaged or deteriorating posts to ensure your fence remains secure and upright.

  3. Concrete Spurs: Concrete spurs are used to reinforce existing fence posts, especially if they have started to lean or show signs of instability. Sheridan Fencing can install concrete spurs to strengthen the support of your fence.

  4. Wood Replacement (Closeboarding): If your closeboarding fence has sections of wood that have decayed or become damaged, Sheridan Fencing can replace these sections with new wood, restoring the fence's structural integrity and appearance.

These fencing repair services are essential for extending the lifespan of your fencing and maintaining its functionality and visual appeal. If you're experiencing issues with your fence in any of the mentioned areas, Sheridan Fencing can assist in assessing the damage and recommending the necessary repairs to ensure your fence remains in excellent condition.